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Manuel - Manga Style

We love Manga Style!

Manga was born a century ago
Now it's the most famous comics in the world
Me and my friends just like kind of nerd
Spread comics made in Japan, always number one

Somebody told we are too childlike
Don't care about them and follow the passion
You're not alone in this comics second life
Come on people let me sing...

Here we go! ready for Manga Style
Get away, leave your life for a while
Glorious mastery of Manga Style
Love your heroes as if they're real
ooh ooh
Here we go! ready for Manga Style
Let free your fantasy, gimme a smile
No imitations of Manga Style
Japan is the cradle of comics art...
in the world!!!

We love Manga Style!

We're like a team, painters for life
Everyday we draw new stories for you
Watching tv, playing videogames
Is not enough to enjoy our minds