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Ace & Pamsy - Inside My Soul

Dress me up in time hurry hurry smile
Don't forget my lovin behind
I got this crazy feelin'
We can make the night all shine

Rushin' to the city busy busy line
Everybody's lookin so fine
I'm gonna let myself go
Uo-o o-oh

Gimme dance, gimme more
I wanna feel it inside my soul
Get a move, get my love
Gotta feel inside my soul
Uo-o o-oh, uo-o o-oh
Dancin with you babe
Uo-o o-oh, uo-o o-oh
Gotta feel inside my soul
Inside my soul

Nothing's in my life when it's you and i
Actin' foolish talkin' big fun
We're gonna need some dancin'
Leavin' all the worries down