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Manuel - Oh My Gosh

Do you remember?
During that night
The music was loud
And all around It wasn't so bright
But I could see the light in your eyes

We had a good time
Glasses of wine
You looked satisfied and then
You were ready to jump
On my bed, yeah
I said let's go ahead I was really mad!

I want you so badly
You're hot like hell
I need you so madly
You're my sex bell
The young girls who tease
End up on their knees
So come here now, please
I just wanna hear...

Oooh my gosh!!!
That's how you scream in the night
And it sounds so good in my mind
I just can't get it enough
I wanna be rough
That's what you need
To be pleased!

Oooh my gosh!!!
This is the sound of the night
When you are so nasty and wild
Asking more
With your knees on the floor
This is the time for...
Oooh my gosh!!!

I got the power
During the show
You're staring at me all night
And I'm feeling so proud
'Cause you're the best girl In the crowd
I'm gonna bring you
To heaven tonight
And you can decide
To lead the game or just be my slave
That's what you crave
And now all around us
It's like fire and flames!!!