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Stephy Martin - Time Goes By
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There's something that you should know
It's only an illusion in my head
I've tried to be honest with you
But in the end you'll be the same

The night is flying away without my love's dreams
Nobody can't change the time tonight
Everytime I feel my emotion, feel my emotion
Sad and worry, I lose control
I wanna be your lover, now and forever
Gimme only pleasure, don't let me fly
I know that you can not feel my love
The night is ready for take you away

Time goes by for the rest of my life
I just wanna fly through the sky
Ready to forget love and passion without you
Hold me baby

Time goes by in a blink of an eye
Keep on movin', take me alive
Ready to give you all my love tonight
Please don't leave me...

There's something that you should know
You was like a ghost guide in my life
I've tried to be only for you
But you will never understand