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Ace - New Dirty Road

Everybody high or low
Bite the tiger in this world
Ride to chase that feelin'
Crazy reelin', don't be slow
Wheels you tell me where to go
Get myself this chance

When I go mess with my mind
When I feel lost then I find
All I need is to wake
All I want is to Shake

On a new dirty road
One Sexy whisper chill
On a new dirty road I'll go
Could be forever baby
Time is on my side

On a new dirty road
One more just for your love
On a new dirty road I'll go
Lookin' for something baby
Keep me wantin' more

Need to live in flesh & bones
Racin hard can turn me on
Spins my mind, Still movin'!
Destinations, I don't know
Does it matter for the show?
Make way or dissolve´╗┐