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Mister Tom - The Flame Of Love

You're my game
With no name
Babe please don't let me feel ashamed
You're the knife, that
Cuts my life
Passing over wouldn't be so Wise

Don't wanna be the pleasure
Of just a lonely night
Don't wanna feel this way
Now I'm ready to fight

Don't you wanna chase the flame of love?
It is on the run, it is on your own
Day by day you gotta loose control
Steppin in my zone, to survive alone

Don't you wanna chase the flame of life?
It is on your way, it is in the light
Nothing more to get into the trace
Gimme all your love, gimme all your grace

You're alive
All the senses to become my guide
You're my dream
Out of scheme
And you know you're gonna get extreme