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Manuel - I Was Made For Rock 'N Roll
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Since I was born
I've been listening to rock
And my life is like a show
That everybody loves

Basically my skills is breakin' the rules
'Cause I don't care about what i should do
Livin' between heaven&hell
Just follow me baby And you will see
I can bring you into a magic spell...

I was made for rock n' roll
You were made for lovin' me
Tell me now all your fantasies
'Cause tonight I'm your aladdin
All you hear is rock n' roll
Flowin' in your body baby
It's all right
I was made for rock n' roll...
Rock n' roooooll!!

Fighting the world
Is always though you know
You can escape from reality
Listening rock 'n roll

Are you ready baby
To enjoy the party?
Take your time and dance with me
I will blow your blow your mind
There is something magic That drives me wild
If you wanna rock Stay by my side...