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Go 2 - Magic Eleven
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Magic Eleven!

Reaching for the fame (Go, Magic)
Legend of the game (Eleven)
Right, baby, hit and run
Fever rising high (Go, Magic)
Got to win tonight (Eleven)
Goal go, wake up in time

And when the chips are down
Gonna scream it all together
We're gonna break the ground
Wanna shout along forever
"Hey you, kick it off, everybody come on"

Magic, Magic Eleven
Never gonna stop you
Go riding along (Let's go)
Magic, Magic Eleven
Keep it baby rollin', the harder they come (Come on and)
Magic, Magic Eleven
Fightin' for the glory
Go riding along (Let's go)
Magic, Magic Eleven
They can never stop you, the champ is the night
Go, ready, Magic Eleven

Passion is the flame (Go Magic)
Fire is your name (Eleven)
Dragons of starry nights
Dreams ahead of you (Go Magic)
Say they're coming true (Eleven)
Score, score it, bag it now