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Billy Mette - Beyond My Heart (Hyper Genesis Remix)
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Looking beyond my heart
I know I cannot stay with you, there is nothing I can do
Thinking we'd never break apart
Before reality showed its face, and for you I have no place

Year after year, we were the closest of friends
Tear after tear, we would always make mends
Looking back now, you know we both had it all
It's too little too late, now we have to take the fall

I can't stay here, sorry but it's over
You know our lives aren't forever
Though our friendship took us very far
You have to recognize just who are.

You made me much stronger than before
But things are not the same anymore
There's still so much more for you to see
It's time you know how life is meant to be

Looking beyond my heart
This dream is breaking you and me, we have nowhere left to be
We were doomed from the very start
Although we hoped we'd overcome, this fight never could be won

Fear after fear, we'd put our worries to rest
We were so certain of what we thought was best
All in the moment, nothing stood in our way
But it's time to begin once again right here today

Look in the mirror, you'll see a different face
Blinded nostalgia is a dangerous waste
I'm devastated leaving you all alone
But without me your choices are finally your own.