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Matt Land & Lolita - I'm Your Bad Boy Racer
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Racing is my power
Driving my desire
Car is like a thunder I'll be the one
Full of speed ahead -I like you 'cause you're bad-
Baby light the fuse
'Cause the bomb is you

Rush in the wind like a blade
-I'm waiting move into me like a flame-
I'm ready
Get oversexed oh baby
Get overdrived so crazy

I'm your bad boy racer tonight
Another race get another fight
Enjoy the high-speed again to stay together
Diving into the fire
Say I'm your bad boy racer tonight
Another start get another light
Ready to fly wanna be a superhero
Getting the wheels on fire

Speed is like a fire
Burning takes me higher
Racin' like a devil come on let's run
Full of speed ahead -With you there's no way back-
Makes me hot inside
And I feel alright