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Jeff Driller - Oh Oh Cowboy
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One, two, three, four
Oh babe I'll never forget ya, because now I got ya
Five, six, seven
I'm gonna give you my fever, tonight I'm a dreamer
My baby

Take me on the fire
Baby, you believe and take me higher, higher
That's right, I'm on fire
Won't you keep on dancing?
Baby, can you feel a burning night
Baby come back

Cowboy, cowboy, like a little toy
(And now I'm) gun gun senorita
Cowboy, cowboy, lady, come and try
Bang-bang tonight, yes, you know he survives

One, two, three, four
Come on, oh baby I touch you, I'll never forget ya
Five, six, seven
I want you to leave all the flash on, my only direction
My baby