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Claudio Magnani - High Five Baby Guys
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A spark in my mind
A naughty desire
Its the light of my life and I can't be a liar

Searchin' a vibe
I'm searchin' a vibe
Just a wile to realize that my heart is on fire

Be my killer attraction (my killer, take me higher)
(You're crazy and lazy, but spark it up and get blazing)
Give me a dirty reaction (dirty reaction)
(You're blazing, I'm lazy, your eyes are driving me crazy)

You gimme high five baby guy into the sky
You're gonna be my inspiration
Let's wake 'n bake up to the sun
To get my hunger like a thunder

Jump in my car, let's go for a drive
While I'm feelin' alive and my body's on fire
Green in my head
loves on the line
and i feel like the fire is burning my Viper