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Deemo - The Sound Of The Night
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Dance with me
I want to set you free
The melody is making my heartbeat go racing
Move your feet
Come on and feel the heat
We're all getting crazy, so don't you be lazy

Feelings overflow
It's time for us to go
Baby you're the one
The party's just begun

Get ready to dive
Into the burning sky
Melody and beats will make you fly high

Left, right, now i can feel the night
Let the rhythm fill your body full of delight
Up, down, we're gonna rock this town
Everyone is dancing to the sound of the night

Left, right, the floor is shining bright
All of us in motion, flying high as a kite
Up, down, we're high above the ground
Now the world is shaking to the sound of the night

Don't be weak
I wanna hear you scream
I'm flowing with passion, this sonic reaction
Feel the beat
And let your body speak
Come make a connection let's spring into action