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Ace - The Music Of Life
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Livin' under pressure
Steely tangle to unwind
Can't rid that feelin' down
Creepin' up depression
Wanna leave it all behind
And turn my world around

Wanna feel your soul is next to mine
Got you all together in my mind
Rollin' free tonight, let the music fly
Baby one more time (3 times)

The music of life, of life
On a golden stair we climb and climb
I believe it's love this magic
That we're feelin' inside
The music of life, of life
And it's like forever one more time
It's the way we dance together
To the music of life

I can live for feelin'
Now my heart is starvin' cold
I was lookin' just for fun
I was hungry, greedy
Never knowin' what I'd got,
Your precious love around