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Pamsy & Christine - Bla Bla Blah
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Ton ton ton, heavy like a ton
Fallin" down from heaven above
Wron-wron-wrong, gettin' things all wrong
That's my story, poor bananas

n my mind
White rabbits on the run
Camouflaged and jumpin' all around

I've got to dance dance dance
Now it's my boom boom chance
To shake it off with all your bla blah
Ready to go
Out of control
I'm only dancin' to your bla bla blah
I get aroun-roun-round
It's so much fun fun fun
Keep up the beat with all that bla blah
Spinnin' my mind
Out of your sight
I'm gettin' crazy with your bla bla bah

Go go go everybody knows
Hate somebody bringin' me down
Run run run what you're sayin' goes
Exit thru the brain door baby