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Jungle Bill - Lucy Loose Pussy
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I'm walking in the jungle, I'm walking in my town
I'm looking for you baby
Sex on fire
I'm looking for a pleasure, I need a crazy night
I say you are too beautiful
Sexy power

I am a bad boy, and you're my bad toy
You're like a pussy cat, won't you scratch me
Come on and push me, come on and lick it now
Baby, you pull up, and aye-aye-aye-aye

It's Lucy, and loose, it's Lucy Loose Pussy
I want you babe, I am so funny
It's Lucy, and loose, it's Lucy Loose Pussy
You're movin' up and down in the pool
Because I'm feeling your reaction now

I'm walking in the city, I'm walking in the night
I want you little baby
On my tower
I'm looking for a dancer, like it in the night
Yes I am too beautiful
Sex is power