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Nick Festari feat. MandieNRG & The Super Euro Team - Let's Make A Song About Eurobeat
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Hey Nick! Let's make a song...
Sounds sexy
Because Eurobeat is fun...

Ha! Mandie listen, I want this part more sexy

*cringe Mandie laugh*
You and I have very different opinions of what sounds sexy
*cringe Mandie laugh*

Europeans... in the street
Speed up that epic beat!
Sounds too super to retreat...
Time for you to feel defeat!

Let's create an acronym (wait, what?)
Some Japanese cars rollin' (uhhh)
Talk about some 90's stuff (okay!)
Fax machines, Y2K bein' a bust?

Hear that sound blasting through the radio
That rhythm leaves you with no where to go, and
Pump the gas and take a listen,
Hold tight, now as you're driftin...

Your heart poundin', runnin' down the street
Italian lines and production, oh oh!
This is the best promotion!
Your heart poundin', to the melody
Italian lines and productions, oh oh!
Hold tight, this adre-na-line!

Faster rhythm... hit it now
Get my fire, movin sweet!
Play loud the Eurobeat!
Feel the power 'n intensity...!

Got new euro songs turnin (oooo!)
Hot desire now we're burnin (uhhhh!)
Sex 'n dollars, money's funny (yeah!)
Volume up - now for me, honey!

Ooookay! Um, I am recording some lines... for... Let's Make A Song About Eurobeat!
Uh, now that the camera's running, and mic actually works with OBS...

Hi my friends!
And you are listening now to Amanda's Project!
Big, big hug from Mega NRG Man!

Miriam K.! I truly got a knack for this...
Would you like some milk in your coffee?

Nick Festari, bringing turbo N-R-G!