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Dugghy - Lady
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Keep me waitin ' and standing alone most every night
In a game I don't wanna play
Keep on lookin ' and hoping you there but it's no right
I want the time to say

Lady , I love you lady
I love you lady , you wanna be in my heart
Lady , oh won't you come into my life

Typical , mythical , funky , magic woman
Tell me what I've got to do to catch your cold heart
Beautiful , cynical , funky , magic woman
You just keep blowin ' up my mind

Lovable , sensual , mystic , sexy lady
You come walkin ' out the dark , I see the devil
Wonderful , magical , teasy , funny lady
Why do you wanna run and hide

Keep me waiting and day after day only the same
Gotta know what you want to do
Keep on lookin ' and you come around
I think you need You wanna hear me say