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Setsunan (薛南) - Princess Of The Reich
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Faithless tyranny.
Like dirty maggots breed in carrion.
Nasty mind games plyed by Therion.
Still carry on.

Pain! Nailed to the wheel.
Insane! You hear the sound like a squeal.
Tear! Heaven or Hell?
Trauma! Until your last dying breath.

With the mission to break the endless chain of tragic fate.
Born to be a cold-blooded Warrior Princess of the Reich.
Cannot escape from the frightening nemesis of their hate.
In the name of Warrior princess of the Reich...

Lunatic! Running away from fear.
Fanatic! The end is coming near.
Prophecy! You'll see? No mercy!
Long live! Princess of the Reich.

Faceless slavery.
Always just waiting for salvation and dawn.
Long fatal march to the Armageddon lives on and on...

Pain! Went to hell and back.
Insane! Some people say "They have no luck."
Tear! Saints or sinners?
You're under the sentence of death!

On a mission. She's coming from the valley of shaman.
All the wicked man fear the Warrior Princess of teh Reich.
Cannot escape savage punishment for the beast of man.
In the name of Warrior Princess Of The Reich...

Drastic medicine, ignorance.
Mystic words of deliverance.
Don't know your place!
You'll face the grace. The Princess of the Reich.