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Tsuu (つぅ) - Space Miko
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No I know why born to be a prayer
No I know what just I can do
Get away from I got know
Even so

Take it to the limit
Ready for breaking it
There is no meaning it
Waiting for coming dimension
Sky is not the limit
What you want
You can get it, do it baby
Because the night

Fly, I am a space miko
Into your mind I gotta baby
Fly over the night and day
Strike back to the space invaders
Fly, I am a spce miko
Make up your mind
You gotta baby
Fly through the time
Let me say
My dream is you forever


Never gonna make it'll be true forever
Never believe what you said
Far away from only star

I am a rocket to the planet
Engine is started
Burning like a fire
Saving imagination We have no one minute
Get so high
We can make it, do it baby
Because the light