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Cindy - In The Rhythm Of The Night
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Shake my heart and shake my feelings
Every night I'm gonna dream of you
Tonight you catch me, baby

In my heart I'll keep on dreaming
You can't stop me, you can feel it
Take me up and dance to "oh yeah!"

And so you make a move into a funny groove
I'll come and dance with you, make my dreams come true
Come on and watch the blue sky over you
Because I'll leave a sign in your heart

In the rhythm of the night
In the heat of your delight
How can you feel my little magic 'till midnight?
In the rhythm of the night
In the middle of the time
I wanna dance under the moonlight
Take my fire tonight

Let the rhythm of the fire
Fill me up with your desire
And together let's go dancing

In the heat of magic feelings
Tell me, baby "can you really
Take me down into your power?"