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Seventh Avenue - Love's Gone Mad
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Wo wo wo wo...

I can't find no evidence
No reason that makes any sense
Why my life's turned upside down
Why my head is spinning around
My decent feeling won't go away
I think it's night when it's day
There's a part where I can't fight
It's caught me and it's holding me tight
(And it's holding me tight)

Love's gone mad love's gone mad
It's driving me crazy
Love's gone mad love's gone mad
My world's turned me here easy

Wo wo wo wo...

There's a part I can't contain
And it's driving me insane
My world's standing on its head
No more dark there's light instead
Love can work out two of man
And I become a happy man
Everyday, something now
And now I do but I believe that it's true
(I believe that it's true)

All I see is rainbow call us
Who'll delight it you light it so
My words are different to the others'
And they mean there's no hole

Wo wo wo wo...

No more feeling insecure
This happiness has made me sure
Now I change my attitude
Love is here I feel renewed
Everyday is a holiday
Don't let this feeling go away
My fantasies all come true
I'm a reality and it's you
(And it's me and it's you)

Note: The 2nd (there's a part I can't contain...) and last paragraph (No more feeling insecure...) do not play in the "That's Eurobeat" eurobeat version of the song but the lyrics were printed anyway (with mistakes - corrected); the so-called "Peter Slaghuis Euro Mix". They only plays in the full 8min mix: the "Eurobeat Mix".