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Dee Dee Wonder - Mayday
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In the dark
I happened to be on old ship
I cry "full of ghosts!"
Then I make out
A signal drew against me
But my mouth is now paralysed

A carillon of the terror
Start(s) to bang'n awful singing, nee-ruh-yeeh
The dark around me, the creaks
Are driving me to depression,
You relight

"MAYDAY", hear me, "MAYDAY"!
It's my S.O.S.
Out with it, guy, discover
"MAYDAY", hear me, "MAYDAY"!
You're my S.O.S.
Where I can hide myself tonight

Tell me why
I'm trembling, baby stop me
Hold me tight
The fear's coming through
Clean up my mind
The night were scaring over
Limit, then
I'm turning to you