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Paul Harris - Generation Of Love
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We're the forces that you hear inside
Be careful now, on what you say
Hear the voice, we push you from behind
'Cos you're not safe
From all that pain inside

I shout it loud
I'm making my own call
Let's get together boys and girls
Lost the day I was born
Point of no return
Now you're taking the toll

Generation of love
People try to get us sad and down
'Cos we get around
Generation of love
We can make the world
Just fade away, forever
Generation of love
I will burn until I'm getting old
But I'll die before
Generation of love
Is the flame that burns eternally

We're the needle stuck into your veins
Be careful now, on what you think
We're the hand that shakes your stupid life
We mark the spot
Where we can stick the knife