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Domino - Para Girl
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"P"..PEACE! "A"...AND "R"...RHYTHM! "A"...ALL RIGHT!
"G"...GAL! "I"...I'M! "R"...READY TO "L"...LOVE!

Hey, let me say
Do you wanna play?
Follow the rhythm right like the paragirl
Just for tonight
Baby baby try
Music is all around

And keep on dancing tonight
(It's) magical and physical
Happy love & peace
Just "Para-chemical"
Parapara night - parapara (is) life!
Come on come on and dance to fly

Para girl para girl
You're the best in the world
(We) wanna play, "yeh I ye!"
I've got to say
Para girl (we) wanna dance
Cutie gal take a chance
Move your hands and shake your "para-soul"

Para girl para grl
You're the best in the world
Feel all right come and try the paradise
Para girl (we) wanna dance
Pretty gal take a chance
Parapara that's all I want

Hey, let me play
Do you wanna stay?
Doki doki's the "boom boom" of paragirl
Ready to fly
Baby come and try
Music is all for you