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Mela - Never Know Why

I don't wanna fade in teardrops
You gotta be my babe
All I need is your affection
This wait will drive me crazy

Suddenly you can let your body
Move away to my real desires
It's a matter of wild attraction
But you'll never know why...

Day by day I hope in good luck
I know it seem so lazy
In the night I call my dreams to
Love you 'cos you're so hazy

Suddenly you can fix your heart with
Little words that could make me happy
Know your game, it won't make it better
And you'll never know why...

I'm feeling alive
You're my only desire
Call me babe
I'm willing to strive
I'll give you my devotion and
Nothing else can
Make me dazey
Drive me crazy
No one else like you
You're my only reason to survive
You're the air I breathe, oh stay with me tonight

I don't wanna loose my mind on
Your silly games, oh babe
All I need your affection
This wait could drive me crazy

Suddenly you can find me happy
Since I've known that you're not a liar
It's a matter of wild desire
Fianlly you'll know why...