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Tanith & Dark Evil - Welcome To The Show
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Flamin' like a fallin star
Red is burnin in my heart
Fire, fire
Let me be your burning fire
Groovy dancin' in the night
Round and round the shiny light
Higher, higher
You got me flash in the night

It's gonna be right
Universal delight
This is forever like a final blow
Easy come easy go
Time is up it's time for show
Don't say goodbye
Bye bye baby

Welcome to the show - show!
Everybody knows - know!
Only freaks and all the rest a no go - hallo!
Throw your heart high-flyin' baby
Crazy in love - please baby let me be free
Welcome to the show - show!
Everything's a-flow - a-flow
Even got a rappie shoutin' "go-go"
'Cause everybody's ready to jump in another world
Don't you think I'm crazy come on now let me go

Baby you can't stop the heat
Turn it up until you feel
Fire fire
You are my burning fire
Lifted in the wave of sound
Never gonna get you down
Higher, higher
You got me flash in the night