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Domino - Gucci Gucci
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Babe I'm feeling crazy, party around the corner
What's the dress code?
Well, I look good in anything
I don't need to worry

So what's the weather like?
It's raining money
Everything I want is you babe
Now take my hand
Sales are waiting
Welcome to the shop
Gimme some

Gucci gucci to be shine
Walking in the street
Like a shining star
Itʼs amazing!
Gucci gucci be your style
Yeah yeah like a burning fire
Gucci gucci (I) wanna shine
Love is in the air
See a shooting star
Right above my head
Follow me now
Like a big desire

Hurry up, it's time
You better put some clothes on
For the dancing
Omotesando, here I come!
Spending all my money