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Angie Gold - Timebomb
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You, you got me
And I know before long you'll be mine
There exists something bad in the air
But no words can define

The look in your eyes sets me on fire
My resistance can't last very long
I'm filled with desire, I just don't care
If it's right, I'll explode

We're sitting on a timebomb
About to explode, yeah, it's a timebomb
Ready to blow, yeah, it's a timebomb
Any time it would go

I know that you feel it too
It's beyond our control
And I raise now that then we can't do
It's coming straight from the soul
I'm burning so hot, I'm full of desire
And I know that you're feeling it too
That time is not on our side
And very soon I just gotta have you

I know inside it's not right
Tell me what can I do
Because you, to lead on, I can't stop
All these feelings inside
I'm making for you to hold me tight
And I know that you're wanting it too
You can't resist
We got to give in
Cause it's all we can do