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A-Beat Power Feat. Edo, Dave & Domino - Wanted
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I never stop, get you honey like the money in my pocket
Just you, my baby
Get up my body with your body, keep on moving
'Cause you're loving with desire

Get me
Won't you get me?
Save your mind and change your life
Follow me just for tonight
Call me
Won't you love me?
Don't you feel me like a bomb?
Don't you know my love?

WANTED Want you
It's a matter which is burning in me
WANTED Want me
She's a light of fire
WANTED Want you
Do you think is better look for money?
WANTED Want me
It's a good desire

It's what you got, take it easy don't be busy don't forget me
Tonight my honey
And keep your money, only money 'cause you need it
If you wanna take me higher